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RIVER SPIRIT BLOOPERS || SSO Series ~ Star Stable Funny Moments

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! I apologize I wasn't able to get episode 5 out this week :(
I've been very stressed and busy this week so I figured it'd be easier to just take a week off. But I still wanted to get a video out so here is a fun little bloopers video for you!

The voice acting team always tries their best but sometimes they make mistakes, mess up, but we always have a good time recording to here is the behind the scenes of voice acting.

#sso​​​​​​​​​ #starstable​​​​​​​​​ #realisticroleplay​​​​​​​​​ #starfam​​​​​​​​​

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✧ FAQs ✧
✶ What server do you currently play on?
I mainly hangout on Wind star! You can find me at Starshine ranch usually filming, feel free to come say hi! :D

✶What editor do you use/what do you record with?
I edit all my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, and I record with the software already built into my windows laptop.

✶ What time do you post?
I post a realistic roleplay every Saturday at 11 am MTS. And sometimes post fun updates, or bloopers videos on Tuesdays at 8 am MTS.

✶ What kind of content can I find here?
Realistic roleplay, horsey videos, Wednesday updates, SSO Series, Movies, and other fun content!

✶ How do I get a shoutout?
I post plenty of opportunities to get a shoutout! Specifically, on my community tab, I post challenges where the winner will receive a shoutout in one of my videos! I've tried to do this every week and make it a tradition here on my channel.

✶ I have a question, but it's not here!
Feel free to leave a comment and I will try my very best to get back to you! I always try to check my comments and respond. :)

✨ ANNOYING ✨ Things In SSO | Star Stable Online | SSO

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy todays video! Again, it's just for fun and things that I personally find annoying in the game! Let me know which is the most annoying to you in the comments, or add anything I missed too!

✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.OPEN ME .* :★. ───✧

• Q Of The Day •
What's the most annoying thing you've encountered in sso?


Hello Everyone and welcome back to yet another Star Stable Online Video (SSO)!
I hope you enjoy today's video and don't forget to Like and Subscribe if you haven't!


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• Q \u0026 A •

•SSO Name: Margaret Sharkblanket
•SSO Server: Pumpkin Meadow
•Level: Currently Level 20
•Recorder/Editor: Check Out This

•Discord: Don't Currently Have
•When Are You Live: I Livestream
Every Saturday At 10 AM EST
•Can We Meet Up In SSO? Sadly,
I Cannot Do Individual Meetups,
But If You Ever See Me Feel Free
To Say Hi, Also During Livestreams! :)

Ask Any More Questions In The Comments Below!

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Dizzy, By Audio Library

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- sso most annoying things to do

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- Sharky ♡


#starstable #sso #starfam

Rating peoples outfits in SSO.. *gets offensive*


♥ Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been nervous about the response to me obviously having developed some more vocal tics, of course if this triggers you for what ever reason you don't have to watch, I will be editing anything I say which I consider inappropriate out of the videos however I can not control me saying these things! Anyway I hope you enjoy this video anyway as it took a fair amount of time to edit but I really enjoyed making a video like this and please remember to never take anything I say too seriously as often I will make jokes! (or at least try to anyway)
Hope you guys are all well, a massive thank you for 2k if I haven't already said that it means such a lot!
Stay safe!
Leah x
♥ Q\u0026A~
-What club? ~ Steel Dancers (Some times called SD or Dancers!)
-What server? ~ Unicorn Forest (UK)
-When was your club made?~ 04/04/2019
-Can I meet you? ~ Sure if you see me around come say hi!
-Can I join your club~ Sure you can apply on our website which I will link
-Music?~ I use a selection of You tubes non copyrighted section!
-Accounts? - Main SSO account: Leah Springspoon. Spare account: Aleah Springspoon.
(Both on the UK regions)
-My Instagram~ leah_springspoon_official
-Club Instagram~ steel_dancers_sso
​-Discord~ Leah Springspoon | Spoony
- Tick Toc ~ Just search up Steel Dancers




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