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Why Do Audiophiles Hate Monster Cable?

Audioholics GoFundMe:

Monster Cable was the brand that started high end audiophile cables and accessories. Over the years the brand has been plagued with problems from frivolous lawsuits to aggressive sales tactics that have tarnished the brand. This YouTube attempts to answer the question why audiophiles hate Monster Cable to give you a better perspective on the company and people’s expectations of them.

We go over the history of their products discussing everything from their speaker cables and interconnects to their power products and failed attempts at headphones and more...

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BLINDFOLDED Guitar cable test! | Monster Cable, Evidence Audio, Fender, D'addario | Tone Zone

Today we're taking a deep dive into the world of guitar cables! Monster Cable, Evidence Audio, Fender and D'addario cables will be tested by a BLINDFOLDED Stef, to hear if there really is a big difference between them. At the end is a direct comparison between the cables.

00:00 Intro
00:33 The Cables
01:04 The Blindfold test
06:04 Cable reveal to Stef
08:24 Thoughts / Discussion
10:34 Direct Comparison

Direct Comparison Timestamps

10:59 D'addario American Stage
11:34 Monster Cable Classic
12:16 Evidence Audio The Forte
12:49 Fender California Series

More information on the cables:

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Monster Cable - What’s The Difference?

More $ = More Tone.




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